Cruise Handling On Komodo island


IMG_0168Our purpose today is to see the Komodo Dragon. This largest living lizard on earth lives on 3 islands Rinca, Padar & Komodo and some parts of West Flores. Its length can go up to 3 meters with weight of up to 90 kilo.

On our visit to Komodo island (Loh Liang) we walk ( 1 ½ hours ), through unspoiled nature, together with English Speaking Guide and local KNP Ranger in search of the Komodo dragons. During your visit also wild buffalo, deer, pigs and various species of tropical birds like the cockatoo can be seen. Return to Loh Liang. Here some time to see the stalls with souvenirs by the local people. Continue by boarding a local boat to visit the secluded village of “Kampung Komodo”. Little is known of the early history of the Komodo islanders, they were subjects of the Sultanate of Bima, although the island’s remoteness from Bima meant they were probably little troubled by the Sultanate other than by occasional demand for tribute. The remoteness of “Kampung Komodo” means that it is well behind your every day run of the mill village, especially with regards to the infrastructure, medication and education. You will have the opportunity to meet the people and see the way they live and visit the school (if open).  Lunch on board. Then to Pantai Merah (Pink Beach), this is one of the famous destinations in Komodo National Park, supported by its pinkish sandy beach, amazing underwater marine life and stunning panorama views of the area. Relax on the beach or snorkel in the crystal clear water. Snorkeling gear provided on board. Return to the jetty of Loh Liang where the tenders of your cruise ship will return you for boarding.

INFO : Komodo island visit

IMG_0110Early morning disembarking (big cruise ships can’t reach the jetty and tenders from the cruise ship are used to bring all visitors to the jetty or beach). English Speaking Guide(s) awaits the clients on the jetty. Then the clients will be divided into small groups and will make a 1 ½ hours hike on Komodo island. One ranger per grp is provided by KNP (Komodo National Park). Entrance fees are arranged. The whole visit on just Komodo Island should not be longer than 4 hours depending on how fast the tenders can bring the clients to the jetty.

Note:  on Komodo Island no roads/cars/motorbikes